The moroccan connection : How twisted ISIS fanatics from Morocco have been behind terror attacks in London, Paris, Barcelona, Brussels and Finland… so it the new terror breeding ground ?

Dr Charles Saint-Prot, General Director of Observatory for Geopolitical Studies in Paris, believes Morocco remains a stable country and is an important actor against the risks of radicalisation.

Speaking to The Sun Online, he said: "The mistake would be to generalise from the case of few deviants who do not represent the Moroccan people.

"There are fragile elements in all the immigrant populations in Europe and some of these people can sink into terrorism.

"As regards Morocco, risk of becoming a breeding ground for terrorism is lesser than somewhere because there are many factors of moderation.

"Morocco practises a moderate Islam and their monarchy is the symbol of the tolerant and modern Islam is a good rampart against extremism.

"Besides, security services are very successful and they cooperate very effectively with their Spanish, French or other counterparts." 

He said Moroccan King Mohammed VI has routinely criticises jihadism and the discourse of radical Islam. In a speech last year, he urged Moroccans abroad to "remain attached to the values of their religion and their secular traditions in the face of this phenomenon that is foreign to them".

Dr Saint-Prot added: "Radicalisation of some people - not only Moroccan, mainly young and in fact very few, is due to the fact that a number of these people are badly integrated and refuse to respect the rules of the societies where they live.